Fort Rucker is the economic heartbeat of the Wiregrass. It is our honor to support the men and women that keep our country safe.

$1.56 Billion: Economic impact to Wiregrass

23,146: Jobs provided to Wiregrass region alone

17%: Percentage of wages in Wiregrass region

$1 Billion: Annual payments to military retirees in Wiregrass region

“Fort Rucker plays a large role in defending America and our allies around the world.  We must protect and grow our military, and I am committed to making sure that Fort Rucker continues to play a critical part in our national defense.”


— Senator Richard Shelby

“I was pleased to attend the BRAC hearing in support of Fort Rucker in 2016. As governor, standing up for our military instillations, like Fort Rucker, will be one of my top priorities. These facilities are critical to Alabama’s economy and America’s defense.” 


— Governor Kay Ivey

“It is my great honor to represent the Home of Army Aviation at Fort Rucker and advocate on its behalf in Congress. Serving on Defense Appropriations puts me in a better position to ensure our military is properly funded, particularly as it concerns Army Aviation. Our most recent Appropriations bill shows how Congress and the White House are working together to restore military funding, including full funding for the Blackhawk, Apache and Lakota platforms that are integral to the mission at Fort Rucker. We all know the importance of Fort Rucker to the entire Wiregrass region and I will continue to work with post commanders, community leaders, and my colleagues in Congress to support its mission.”

— Congressman Martha Roby


Southeast Gas is proud to be the natural gas provider for the Wiregrass.  We all know the important role Fort Rucker serves in our area and our economy.  That is why Southeast Gas is proud to help lead a new initiative, Fort Rucker: Heartbeat of the Wiregrass. 

I hope you will join us and thousands of other Wiregrass residents in this new coalition. Together, we are building a grassroots network of local citizens, businesses, military personnel, and others who share our commitment to supporting Fort Rucker and the men and women of our military.

Since 1942, Fort Rucker has been a critical part of our region and local economy. Its impact touches tens of thousands of families each day by providing jobs, community support and economic impact.

With budget threats continuing to put undue pressure on our military, it is now more important than ever for us to band together to show our support for Fort Rucker and our military. At Southeast Gas, we are proud to be part of this effort as well as all efforts that bring jobs and economic prosperity to our region.

There is no fee and supporters will never be solicited for financial donations. Please join us today by simply signing up to voice your support for the men and women of Fort Rucker and the incredibly important role it plays in the Wiregrass.

Greg Henderson

Southeast Gas

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