Mayor Ed Beasley, Luverne, AL

“Fort Rucker is a vital part of our national defense and our regional economy. Fort Rucker has a long, proud history of training our airmen and that role is as important today as it has ever been. Being mayor has only increased my understanding and respect for the role Fort Rucker plays in our state and our nation. Please join me in supporting the men and woman who keep us safe. A strong Fort Rucker also means a strong Wiregrass.” 

Jeff Coleman, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for Alabama (South)

“As the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for Alabama (South), I strongly support the mission of the United States Army, Fort Rucker, and the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. Fort Rucker, is one of the largest economic engines in the Wiregrass Region and the awesome sound from a helicopter flying over our region is the sound of freedom, Army Strong and Above the Best!!”

Winston Griggs, Southeast Gas Board Chair, Headland, AL

“Fort Rucker is a world-class military training facility that serves an essential role in keeping our country safe.  Its $1.5 billion-dollar economic impact reaches every corner of the Wiregrass. In Headland, there is no family that is not touched by Fort Rucker. We must do everything we can to support Fort Rucker’s military mission and its place in the region.” 

Matt Parker, President, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce

“Fort Rucker is the heartbeat of the Wiregrass, and our community and chamber both value and treasure the very positive and meaningful relationship we have. The economic impact of Fort Rucker to the Dothan business community is profoundly substantial in wages, total employment, federal contracts, guests, retail sales, and sales tax impact. Furthermore, the men and women who are stationed at Fort Rucker are critical links as future role models, a pipeline of employees for local companies, and the backbone of a stronger region and solid communities.” 

Mayor Mark Saliba, Dothan, AL

“Fort Rucker is the greatest economic force in the Wiregrass. I’m encouraging the people of Dothan to sign up for the Heartbeat of the Wiregrass coalition to support the troops that train at Fort Rucker and the $1.5 billion dollar economic impact Fort Rucker has across the Wiregrass.”

Mayor Jayme Stayton, Daleville, AL

“The Heartbeat of the Wiregrass Coalition is a great way to show support to our troops and to Ft. Rucker. As mayor, I am honored to serve the city known as the Gateway to Ft. Rucker. I am grateful for the impact that Ft. Rucker has in our community and our lives. It is my pleasure to support The Heartbeat of the Wiregrass Coalition and I encourage everyone to do so.”

Jason Bryan, Opp, AL

“It is our honor to support the men and women of Fort Rucker who have committed themselves to serving our country. I am fully behind the Heartbeat of the Wiregrass Coalition and its mission to recognize the positive role that Fort Rucker plays in the Wiregrass region and to support our troops.”

Mayor Bill Cooper, Enterprise, AL

“Fort Rucker benefits so many aspects of Enterprise that they are almost too numerous to mention. However, one aspect that is a particular point of pride to me is the positive effect that the Fort Rucker community has on our school system. Interested students and fully engaged parents are a dream come true for our teachers and administrators. These students are learning – both at home and in the schools – how to be productive and upstanding citizens and we’re proud of them.”

Mayor Billy Helms, Abbeville, AL

“The impact of Fort Rucker touches the lives of tens of thousands of families each day by providing jobs, community support, and economic impact. As Mayor of Abbeville, I see how it impacts the entire Wiregrass. I encourage everyone to get behind this coalition to show their support for Fort Rucker’s mission and for the soldiers that protect our nation.” 

Mayor Jason Reeves, Troy, AL

“Fort Rucker is a critical part of our region’s economy, providing over 23,000 jobs in the Wiregrass and $1 billion in annual payments to military retirees in the Wiregrass region. But for me, every time I see or hear a helicopter overhead, it reminds me to be thankful for the troops that protect our country. Supporting Fort Rucker: Heartbeat of the Wiregrass is one way we can all show them how grateful we are for their service.” 

Former Mayor Mike Schmitz, Dothan, AL

“Fort Rucker supports over 23,000 jobs and is a key pillar of the economic foundation we are building in the Wiregrass. Beyond that, Fort Rucker is a part of who we are. There is nothing else like it in the world and it must be protected.” 

Dr. Linda C. Young, President, Wallace Community College-Dothan

“The importance of Fort Rucker to the Wiregrass and to our nation cannot be understated. In my role as president of Wallace Community College-Dothan, I have the privilege to work closely with our servicemen and women and their families as they pursue higher education opportunities and contribute to the communities surrounding Fort Rucker. The College is proud to partner with Fort Rucker to advance both military and civilian causes in the region and is honored to call Fort Rucker our neighbor and friend.” 

Mayor Bob Bunting, Ozark, AL

“As mayor of Ozark, it is my pleasure to get to work each day with Fort Rucker. I see firsthand the dedication, skill, and love for country that our servicemen and servicewomen display. In Ozark, we believe that it is our calling and great privilege to serve them. Fort Rucker truly is the heartbeat of the Wiregrass.”

Christopher Foster, Brundidge City Council, Brundidge, AL

“Fort Rucker’s importance to the Wiregrass cannot be overstated. I am excited to support the Fort Rucker: Heartbeat of the Wiregrass Coalition and I encourage others to do so as well. This is a great way to show our troops that we are behind them and to make sure that Fort Rucker is preserved.” 

Governor Kay Ivey

“I was pleased to attend the BRAC hearing in support of Fort Rucker in 2016. As governor, standing up for our military instillations, like Fort Rucker, will be one of my top priorities. These facilities are critical to Alabama’s economy and America’s defense.” 

Congressman Martha Roby

“It is my great honor to represent the Home of Army Aviation at Fort Rucker and advocate on its behalf in Congress. Serving on Defense Appropriations puts me in a better position to ensure our military is properly funded, particularly as it concerns Army Aviation. We all know the importance of Fort Rucker to the entire Wiregrass region and I will continue to work with post commanders, community leaders, and my colleagues in Congress to support its mission.” 

Senator Richard Shelby

“Fort Rucker plays a large role in defending America and our allies around the world. We must protect and grow our military, and I am committed to making sure that Fort Rucker continues to play a critical part in our national defense.”